Sample Pages 'Volume I' shown above, with slide show below

   "Treasure In Search of the Golden Horse" was similar to a scavenger hunt. Starting at the beginning was the key. "Case# 735" does just that. Taking you through the maze of instructions, and multitude of puzzles, Buck Fever leads you to numerous destinations collecting the clues needed to reach the conclusion.  

    Above are pages from chapter two of 'The Case'. They expose the instructions for the First Stop of the journey, ultimately leading to the father's grave. What Buck learns during the trip, and because he obtained the proper clues, he continued onto the next stop of the adventure. Below is the same information presented in a slide show.        

    If you were involved in the contest "Treasure In Search of the Golden Horse", like mysteries, puzzles, or real life Indiana Jones adventure, then "Case# 735" is for you.

Video of "Treasure In Search of the golden horse",

  Although the clues were available in several formats , Buck Fever relied on the book version. Below is a link to the movie edition and will give a better understanding of the story and contest.  

  Be advised, the road leading to the Gold Horse required solving many puzzles. Some yielding a piece of the final puzzle, while others led to a new destination and additional clues. 


Treasure Cover Partially Exposed

  Illustration above shows some of the clues and sites revealed on the cover of "Treasure In Search of the Golden Horse". There is much more hidden on the cover, along with the solution. One just needs to know how to view it. 

  After reading "Case# 735", you will know, and understand, the complete story of 'Treasure'. You will visit the father's grave, and learn why it must be found. You will discover the father's workshop, find the lodge, see the location of the burnt down party house, and know the last word Amanda wrote in her book. ALL your questions will be answered, and you will have absolutely, positively no doubt as to the solution and burial site of the Golden Horse.

  But first, you must accompany Buck Fever on the 'The Journey', disclosed in Volume I of "Case# 735".

After crisscrossing America, acquiring the clues, and specialized education in Volume I, you can attempt solving the puzzle yourself or you can move onto 'Volume II, Completion', where the entire 'Treasure' riddle is revealed. 

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Case# 735, Volume I, The Journey


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  'The Journey's' 211 pages are loaded with adventure, colorful pictures, and illustrations.   

  Volume I supplies the specialized information needed to crack 'The Case' performed in Volume II. 

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Case# 735, Volume II, Completion


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  As with Volume I, Volume II's 151 pages are laced with colorful illustrations, and pictures.  

   In "Completion", Buck formulates, and reveals the closely guarded secret of... the solution and location of the Golden Horse. 

  Volume II is also priced at $28.95, but for a limited time it too is being offered at $22.00, including tax. 


Case 735 Volume I & II (complete set)


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