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Professional Review of Case# 735:

Case # 735: Buck Fever's Tale of Treasure, Volumes I & II as reviewed by:

  Neal Delaporta, Holistic Times, 2019

    Do you love a good mystery? Who doesn't, it's human nature. What if that mystery was based on a true story? What if the characters in it were real people and completely likable to boot? That is exactly what you will find in the pages of the two-volume series titled “Case 735: Buck Fever's Tale of Treasure” written under the pen-name Buck Fever and published by Nail It Productions, LLC of Jacksonville, FL.

    Some of you may already be familiar with the book and/or motion picture titled “Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse” a story-based, treasure-hunting puzzle by Sheldon Renan and published by Intravision in 1984, upon which “Case #735” revolves. Prior to reading the series, I was not. That did not hinder me from becoming engrossed in the adventures Buck, the protagonist, experiences with his friends Luis and Leona and the cast of characters he and they encounter along the way. 

    The most intriguing element of the story, however, is the puzzle which must be solved to locate the treasure. And the treasure is pretty special, too. Imagine a 2.2 pound statue of a horse, cast in solid gold and valued at $25,000. (in 1984 dollars). But that's not all; within the statuary is a compartment which holds a key to a bank safe deposit box which contains $500,000. cash! Interested yet? This statue was buried on public land somewhere in the continental US and the rules of the contest included a time limit. The first person or persons to solve the puzzle, locate and unearth the statue would become the owner of the horse and keeper of the spoils; grand prizes worth $525,000.

    A naturally curious and highly intelligent sort, Buck could not help being drawn into the various intricacies of the puzzle described in “Treasures:...” and sets about, in Volume I, “The Journey” to gather clue after clue and follow each to different and sometimes dangerous locations, only to find that clue leads only to yet another clue.   

    This puzzle has been credited to Paul Hoffman who created it under the pseudonym “Dr. Crypton” and draws upon powers of observation and deduction along with a better than working knowledge of mathematics in general and orienteering in specific. Fortunately for us, Buck is up to the task.

    In Volume II, “Completion”, armed with a cache of maps and having assembled all of the equipment necessary to prevail, Buck and Luis set out on the trail to locate the horse. Slowly but surely the ciphers all begin to fall into place and our treasure seekers are convinced they have the solution... what's left is the task of claiming the prize... but then what? No spoiler here. You'll just have to do as I did and count on Buck to tell the story of the real treasure of the Golden Horse. So if mysteries are your thing, solve the puzzle along with Buck and perhaps share in the real reward of this treasure hunt.

    Appropriate for all ages from young adult upward, this beautifully illustrated set is a true page-turner written with wit and wisdom, well-drawn characters and just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing through to the end making it an exciting read.